Monday, December 28, 2009

What is a Loan Signing Agent?

A lot of people have asked me what the difference is between a Notary and a Loan Signing Agent. It is quite simple. A Loan Signing Agent is trained to Notarize Mortgage Documents. When your having the single most important piece of papers signed you need to make sure they are completed correctly. If done incorrectly it can hold up your finances, you may even have to go through the entire process again. A lot of times loans expire and are time sensitive. YOU have the right to choose who you want as your Loan Signing Agent. Making sure to pick a Notary that is Certified to oversee documents is very important. Sometimes the Loan Signing Agent is the only person you will see the entire time you are going through a refinance, reverse mortgage etc.

An escrow office or Mortgage broker can always have a reliable Loan Signing Agent come to your home or office to sign paperwork. But you may feel more comfortable finding your own Signing Agent. This can make the loan process a bit less tedious.

So when in need of a fast, reliable and knowledgeable Loan Signing Service...that GUARANTEES its work look no further. Call 866.222.2995 or visit our website You deserve a painless and enjoyable Signing experience.

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  1. Hello Carlaw, you have explained the difference pretty well. Talking of those who don't know the difference between Notary and a Loan Signing Agent, I'm embarrassed to say that I was the among them before reading your article. Keep sharing the information like that.

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